Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paris to Singapore

Take 2 - finished this last night and it didn't publish on web.

Taxi arranged for 8am pickup from Mercuri in Paris. Hotel had arranged Hire Car. Sleek Black Mercedes came and whisked us and our 95 euros to airport. Showed us another side of Paris.

We boarded at 11 and it wasn't long before our 12 hour flight and routine kicked in. Singapore airlines really know how to treat their customers - first prior to take off it is the hot towels, then soft drink. Next the snack and by 1.00 the three course lunch. Couple of hours later more drinks, more snacks hot towels again and then breakfast at 4 amongst the turbulence and finally landing at Singapore just on 6.20 Singapore time.

Singapore airport would have to be the most efficient in the world. Been through customs, passport checks, luggage and been accosted by a Hire car man who said he had a van and would deliver us to Hotel for 50 SG.

We began to wonder if it was worth it talk about motor mouth- he could talk and laugh and drive under wet cement. Any money paid and we were duly at York hotel around 7.15.

Booked in cases in holding till 10 when could get in to room we St off for Orchard Road and another Breakfast. Shirley and I decided to wait in town rather than walk back to hotel,and wandered till shops open at 11. Here their hours are from 11 till 9.30 pm.

Once shops perused we headed back to hotel and crashed after our shower - temp was 33 degrees melting material. This was around 1 and woke at 6 in time to get up dressed back to shops and something to eat.

Found food hall in centre of shopping complex - I chose Indiian was amazing.

Home to bed to try to sleep before hitting shops again tomorrow.

My iPad has given message need to delete to download so you will have to wait to see sunset photos from plane etc

Well it is nearly over what a fabulous experience and I have Liz, Shirley, Joan and Paul to thank. Unforgettable.

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Location:Mt Elizabeth,,Singapore

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