Sunday, May 31, 2009


Saturday friends Elizabeth and Mary travelled down from Launceston and Perth respectively to attend the Annual Fashion Parade and lunch at the Royal Yacht Club. We have been attending the luncheon for many years always sitting at Dot Thorne's table. Dot is a very hard working lady for the Yacht Club raising many thousands of dollars over the years.
What a magnificient back drop - the boats, the view and wonderful sunshine - at times a little dull.

Jan, Peg and Marie are just some of the people at our table.

Jan very kindly took a photo of Elizabeth, Mary and I.
A very pleasant lunch was enjoyed by all in attendance - so much so I have only had a cup of coffee this evening.
Mary and Elizabeth left about 5.00 to travel back to the North of the State. A short time but precious time spent with two very good friends.

Tonight I have been lucky enough to catch up by Skype with Sandra and Wayne in Cheltenham - U.K. - they had just jumped out of the shower and getting ready for Breakfast and then to move further up north to Chester for a couple of days.
Also caught Marcia and John Holbrook who are in South Australia and about to head to W.A. in their Motor Home. Was nice to see them - Marcia was looking so well and rested. It is about 8 weeks since they left Tasmania.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


.......Jeanette - yes another busy week. Monday evening Luke and Jackie joined us for a Pork Roast.

Emily looked, waited and hoped that Uncle Luke would be kind enough to give her just a little bit of the Baked Caramal Banana Pudding. But no such luck.
Emily's Mum and Dad had gone to join Uncle Sam for his Birthday celebration.

Auntie Jackie played with Emily on the floor and watched her do her famous roll.

Emily visited me on Tuesday while her Mum was having a little "me" time. We always have lots of laughs and this one no different day. She tries to grab my glasses when I am playing on the mat - so I let her have them. Quite cute!

This last week was Teams Week at Medicare - so each night as members of the Team 5 All Stars (The Team that shines at night) had an activity before or during work time. One thing I found out about myself was I was still capable of blowing up a balloon or two - about six in fact. In teams of 4 we had to blow up balloons then make the highest structure using sticky tape and straws - and they had to stand alone ! Quite a few laughs. Another night in a team of 3 we had to have an Architect, Foreman and a Builder.

The Architect had to look at the structure and relay to the foreman , the foreman then told the Builder and we had to make a lego structure in the a certain time. We came a very close second with me being the Foreman. Surprisingly it was a lot of fun.

Sally our Supervisor was an ex Teacher so she had plenty of things up the sleeve for the weeks activities - ending on Thursday with a team tea and the HR staff putting on a Sausage Sizzle as well. Still a little in reserve to cross the road to our favourite Italian Restaurant for a night cap after work.

Edwina working away at her desk - reluctantly had her photo taken . She works in my Pod.

These Girls are trying to solve the puzzle of who is who - we had to bring a photo of our selves when we were between the ages of 5-10years. Oh how hard was that one !

On Tuesday night we were given a questionnaire which had to be filled out and returned to Sally.

  • What would your name be if you could have chosen it yourself
  • What did you want to be when you were 10?
  • What was your first paid job ?
  • If you won a million dollars waht would be the first thing that you would buy ?
  • and lastly if you had chance to meet one famous person who would it be ?

Very interesting when you have 23 people and the answers so varied - and of course excellent way of finding out about your team.

Rightly or wrongly I put as my famous person I would like to meet as Gordon Ramsay - dont know what pocessed me but I did. Come 2 or 3 days down the track and off to Melbourne next weekend - when Sally said Gordon Ramsay will be at the Long Weekend Wine and Food Show - I will get tickets ! I cannot believe I will be meeting my famous person in the next week - where I hope someothers who wanted to meet Queen, God or Elton John may have to wait longer !!! The one God I certainly hope has to wait a very very long time - cause I enjoy working with her.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Emily first trip to Victoria

Auntie Simone and Uncle Rich took me for a ride in the pram. I am very lucky cause i have been in a big plane ridden in a limo stayed in a hotel and i am only 5 months. I have been big girl shopping with Mummy and Auntie Sally as well. They both spoilt me with toys and new clothes. I cant wait to show my Nans my new things.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Cameron, Kristy and Emily called at Bimbadeen Court to take me to join the Anderson's at Mt Nelson.

Emily having a cuddle from my Nanny Margaret when I arrived - and yes I like my thumb.

I love all the attention I am getting today from everyone. What a lucky girl I am. As usual I was given a warm welcome by Marg and Peter. As the norm Pete was there with the apron, the tongs and the glass of Champs to hand out as we walked in the door.

With one eye on his barbeque and the other on the vegies in the oven and the women banned from the kitchen, except for the occasional call "Mum" as he asked for the expert advice from his dear Mum Bub.

Bub was down from Swansea staying with her town children.

Harrison kept us entertained as he buzzed around on his trusty scooter.

The table looked beautiful with all the ladies receiving from the mystery fairy a lovely pair of woolly socks and a gerbera - with Orange and Yellow being the colour theme.

DADDY turned 37 today so he had a cake made by Mummy. Emily loved the sparklers
Not sure if I wanted to sing just yet !
Auntie Shelby arrived after she finished work - and I am sure will always protect me.Nanny gave me a cuddle or two as well - in fact I got lots of cuddles from my other Nanny Marg and Nanny Bub . Whose a lucky little girl

Bub with her daughter Debbie, Husband David, Harrison and Megan at the Dinner table.

The Brown family - Mum and Dad and Emily on her Dads Birthday and my Mums big Day. I gave Daddy some Story Books for him to read to me - and Guess what I gave Mummy some Story books to read to me as well. Neither Mummy or Daddy knew I was going to get all those books - but I do love to have them read to me. I just love the pictures - just like I like the TV, even the football . (In case you are wondering I am going to be a Western Bulldogs Girl) . Like my Daddy and my Poppy Craig.

Emily and her special Mummy. Mummy enjoyed her first Mothers Day being spoilt by Emily and Daddy . Lets say she was sparkling in the Mt Nelson sun.!

Pete's Mum Bub enjoyed Emily's company.

Richard and Simone called from Melbourne to offer their wishes to both Cam and I, and hopefully we can catch up soon.

To all my special family thank you for making it a special day - for Jackie and Luke for Breakfast and to Cameron, Kristy ,Marg and Pete for letting me join them in once again a very memorable day.



Mothers Day I woke to the alarm - a quick coffee and read of the newspaper before I climbed out of bed to get ready for my 9.15 pickup.

Jackie and Luke duly arrived to take me to an unknown destination - ONBA in North Hobart where we enjoyed a hearty breakfast some great coffee. Later on in the day Jackie and Luke went to join Jackies family for Lunch. It was hard to imagine how we were all going to eat lunch after such a big breakfast.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Emily visiting Nan