Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Baby turns 35.

The family joined LUKE in celebrating his birthday at Shippies in Battery Point. Oh how the years fly seems only yesterday he was a babe in my arms.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Jennifer Slater and Amanda Whitmore
request your company to help celebrate the 80th Birthday of
at Boscobel
27 South Road, Ulverstone
on Saturday 17th October, 2009
With much excitement I set off for Devonport on the Friday to celebrate Bill's 80th the last surviving member of my Mothers family.
Uncle Bill's life was sure to be celebrated as back in 1970 he had a horrific farm accident and was expected to spend his life in a wheelchair - but his determination and "guts" bought him through and although he has struggled with his health over the years he has been one never to let anything stand in his way - he has served the Devonport Show Society for many years and also rose through the ranks to become Lions Internation District Governor - an honour bestowed upon him in New Orleans in 1986. He has been Devonport Citizen of year as well as being a loving husband, father and grandfather - the list goes on. As you can see I was not going to miss this occasion.

Amanda and Jennifer had arranged for a Helicopter to pick up Fran and Bill from their home in East Devonport - (did he get a surprise after walking out the door to see a helicopter parked in the front yard). Accompanied by Amanda he and Fran were taken out though Moriarty and Thirlstone - inspecting the property "Springfield" where he was born 80 years previously and then to Thirlstone where our late Aunt Thea and her husband lived. They then proceeded to Ulversone to land of all places (only placed allowed) the local tip - where Amanda's husband David, Sandra, Wayne and I were there to greet them and share the enthusiasm and excitement of the flight.

Just before they embarked

Waving to the pilot as he returns to his base

As you can tell - very excited They were wisked away to join the rest of the celebrations and Lunch at Boscobel.

This perhaps is my favourite photo - of Bill deep in thought and just a little tear in the eye as Jennifer made the speech.

Trying to blow those candles out !

The girls had arranged three quizes during the afternoon with the winning table getting their tea and cake first. I am glad to say my table the ALLSORTS were the winners. We won fair and squeare and didnt have to rely on a electronic devices like one table did.
The quizz was firstly some significient photos of properties - landmarks in life of Bill.
The other what happened in 1929 - or who was born in that year true or false.
The last one significant dates in his life .
I think we all appreciated the thought that had gone in to the quiz and the bonding with other members of our tables that it afforded.

Photo of all those that attended minus the photographer (David)
His turn soon.

Bill and Fran's family Jennifer, Amanda and their children and their partners- plus Auntie May.

Now its David's turn. (Amanda's husband)

The cousins -Michelle, Yours truly, Sandra, Amanda and Jennifer

Bill and Marj (Late Uncle Johns wife)

Me, Bill and Sandra

Me with Joyce Arnott (Second Cousin)

It was indeed sad to bid Boscobel farewell and head home. A wonderful day with the Addison and Slater families. It has been a difficult task to edit the photos for this blog- but I feel these go so far in summing up a wonderful 80th Birthday for a special man in so many peoples lives.
Well done Amanda and Jennifer for inviting us to be part of the celebrations which will be remembered by us all for a very long time.