Thursday, September 10, 2009


THE BRAMICH'S MIGHT HAVE COME TO THE CITY - BUT THE BROWNS GOT THE BLOG BACK THE FRONT. PLEASE EXCUSE. Here is Tim, Elkie and Marli saying their farewells after an enjoyable few days in Hobart. They left from Wentworth Park Soccer Ground on the Eastern Shore.
We celebrated Fathers Day with Tim . Elkie helped me make some Strawberry Pancakes - and Marli helped with the Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Bacon etc.

Marli had made Tim this laminated card as well as the one below. Marli very kindly read it to me so here goes:
Love from Marlie
He watches my TV. He is cool
I love my Dad so much
He is the world for me
Cuddles me, fight me, does chores for me.
He is so awsome as He Kisses me.
How sweet is that - I am so proud to say she is my niece.

Her craft skills came to the for too with this Mens Hankie made to look like a shirt. Mum would have loved that.

Marlie was very excited when on Saturday evening we baby sat Emily while Cam and Kristy went out. Here she is with Uncle Tim. She loved the experience of having Marli and El and was not keen to go to sleep!

Here Marli is reading to Emily

The girls playing a Game

Marli helping Em have a drink.

Yes I can do it my self - I can even drink through a straw.

Each September Beau Tim's youngest son travels to Hobart to
represent Devonport in the Under 12 Soccer Team. Beau is front row second on the right. The Soccer weekend is always a time to catch up with his Mum and Grandmother Val. This year I missed seeing Jake as he was on a School Trip to Mount Hotham.

Beau looking a little disappointed when they lost the last game. Never mind Beau always next year. He did a wonderful job in his other games and played so well.

Beau and his Auntie Net.
Beau was 12 on the 3rd September - the big one next year a Teenager ! How time flies

Mount Wellington from Wentworth Park capped in snow. Grateful that it was a sunny day so it made for a pleasant couple of days.

Beau on the ground

Friday night Cam, Kristy, Em, Luke and Jackie came around to catch up with Tim, Marli and Elkie and share a meal with us.

Yes I like Marli - she is cool.

I will like playing with her.