Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Vickie, Gerald and I travelled to Ascot Vale in the late afternoon - in time for a delicious Afternoon Tea at Simone and Richard's home. Later on in the evening we decided to walk to one of the many restaurants along Mount Alexander Road. We chose to have a Thai meal which was met with much pleasure by us all - ofcourse washed down by a nice glass of white.

Vickie and Gerald returned to Caulfield and I nested into a nice warm bed ready for the shopping the next day.

Simone was on an early shift and left the house around 5.a.m., and Richard leaving shortly after. They had arrived home from a weekend away to find no water - the cylinder had died while they were away and had managed to leave them a few puddles. With the Plumber unavailable for a couple of days - it was back to the old days boiling the pot on the stove for Simone and Rich going to work early for a shower.

I was up early and caught the tram to the city for a bit of retail therapy. I didnt disappoint - I managed to find a couple of pairs of shoes that were looking for a new home !
At 11.30 I met Melanie at her Art Gallery NEW WHITE GALLERY on Cnr of Little Bourke Street and Hardware Lane, Melbourne - (the free plug Melanie). What a delight - and although only a relative new venture for her I am sure with her drive and enthusiasm it will succeed. It is sooooo central, light and a great place to display art. Most of you will know Melanie is a Solicitor so this is a passion she has held for a long time to one day open a gallery.
Congratulations Melanie it is beautiful.

A view looking to back of Gallery with Melanie in the forground.

More views looking to the front of the gallery

After a little more shopping I travelled back to Moonee Ponds on the tram to my favourite shops - and yes I didnt disappoint - another pair shoes and a look around before getting a call from Simone on her way home from work - offering to pick me up and saving the walk or tram ride back to Ascot Vale.

While staying with Rich and Simone I was able to meet my new Pet Grandchild - a Cat called Wilbur ! who has joined Toshi. They are so funny to watch - and even though Wilbur hasnt been around long he has soon learnt the lay of the land - including at one stage Nan's bed.

Richard trying to watch Telly but Toshi is ready for a walk - so off Simone and Richard went heading into the cold bleak night to give him a walk around the block. Whilst my time was short as always they make me most welcome and I look forward to catching up again in a couple of weeks when Richard turns 40. I hadnt seen Richard and Simone for 6 months which is the longest time we have ever gone without seeing one another. The Footy has kept him a frequent flyer over the last couple of years since he moved to Melbourne - but no more ! he's retired! -

Monday, June 15, 2009


Vickie and Gerald picked me up on Sunday morning and we travelled to Coburg to help celebrate a friend of ours Delvene Chestertons Birthday with her family. Delvene has just bought a new motorbike - and she was very anxious that I should go for a ride - oh was I glad to see the rain. You know me and bikes even if they have 3 wheels ! Sorry Del. I did sit on it for her.

Vickie and Kate (Delvene"s grandaughter with son Aron in the background. Delvene has just moved to Melbourne after many years living in Queensland.

Delvene, Son Owen and grandaughter Kate
Delvene lives in a beautiful unit in a complex that has been built on the old Pentridge Site - with the beautiful Large stone fences still visable.

Next stop on our way was Briggs Road, Caulfied to spend the next night with the kind hospitality of Vickie and Gerald.

Prior to picking me up earlier in the day Vickie had been very busy preparing dinner for Sunday evening to celebrate daughter Chantel achievement of passing her exams and becoming a Surgeon.
Her dedication and efforts over many years to achieve this dream are to be commended - studying came before anything else and I know her partner Srecko will be pleased to see it all behind her now as he has been so patient through the studying process and a real support to her.

Chantel (left) is captured with her sister Melanie

(more of Melanie's achievements in the third part of the Big Smoke Trip.

Dana pictured with Melanie's husband Bede enjoying the food. A usual Thornton spread.

Here Sreko is showing John and Vickie a photo in the local paper

A glimpse of the courtyard created by Gerald. Many a glass of red is seen on this table. (And now with no peeping Rosemary over the fence watching each mouth full being consumed)
Whilst my time with Vickie and Gerald was short it was as usual never the less most enjoyable and after a leasurely Monday and a visit from Sally in the afternoon before she left for work we ambled over to Ascot Vale for my third leg of the journey to the big smoke.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yes despite many warnings that I should not be going to Melbourne because of the Swine Flu - I grabbed the wings along with mask and hand wash and about 23.5 kl of luggage (always have problems )flew in to Melbourne about 10.00 p.m. on the Friday evening - where I was met by Sally. We travelled back to East Malvern and enjoyed a late evening meal - and set our alarms ready for our early start the next day.

With umbrellas to the ready we headed to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival - and yes Gordon Ramsay!!!

First thing as we walked in the door I admired a very bright green trolley (old lady style) next thing I was the proud owner of one - thanks to Sally's generosity. It proved handy and we were soon able to fill it with all the goodies the day had to offer.

On a suggestion of the lady at the Cook Book Stall that we should purchase our book prior to the show and then at least we could rush for the signing - omg - we had no hope of people of getting the book signed - we had three attempts during the day. - Did manage get some photos of some of the lucky ones.
We were at the 12 oclock show along with thousands of other enthusiastic cooks - and can say nothing but the fact that we both enjoyed the show - Gordons quick wit ect - was no worse than we would witness here at the Uni Revue for instances - or any other comedian for that matter.

Later in the day when we enjoyed lunch were we able to choose between the Celebrity Chefs that took part in the Celebrity Kitchen - Gordon Ramsay, Tobie Puttock, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris.

This was delightful Main course - one of Gary's.

It was as good as it looks !!!!!!!!!!!

Two very tiried feet trundled their way to the Car - and no sooner in the car I had nodded off to sleep waking as we drove into Burke Road. Fell on the couch and managed to awake an hour or so later in time to enjoy a very nice Pizza from Sally's favourite spot around the corner.

Next morning it was rise and shine as Sally had a Macedonian Wedding to attend and I was being picked up by Vickie and Gerald to spend the next night with them. I will continue my Melbourne travels in the next post as there is going to be a scheduled outage in a few mins on the blog and dont want to loose any work. Keep looking and hope to have the rest on by tomorrow.

Sally looking very glam in her wedding outfit.
Thank you Sally for a wonderful couple of days -