Saturday, February 13, 2010


Watch this space

One week since the Birthday Celebrations - when we all gathered in Lyons Ave, Devonport to help our Partner, Dad, Brother, Friend celebrate 50 years.  Oh time flies it seems no time since we as siblings stood on the back ramp at 11 Henry Street as we waited with much anticipation for the Green Mercedes to drive through the gate and bring home our little brother. I was the eldest at 13, Russell 9  and Sally 8 - so indeed he had plenty of people to spoil him.

Work mate Ken and wife Jill spotted on the patio
Luke , Jackie, Russell and Richard ponder while Sally looks on intently. 
Tim and Geoff Keating. Geoff, Tim and Gary Kingshott shared a house on the Gold Coast around 1984 after Tim's discharge from the Navy. A wild time was had on the Gold Coast - ah boys !!!!!!

Tim with Tony Spillane and Kevin Duff - playmates from  primary school. Tony lived across the road in Henry Street along with his brother Gary - and they became very good friends - from the time they could toddle across the road.  Many a matchbox car ended up in the Spillanes dirt drive way -

Reece and his partner -
The girls hard at work preparing the food. Yours truly, Ellkie and Jackie.. and Sally and Jenny.
Jenny, Karen and Sharon catch up
Sharon and Geoff who travelled from Parkwood, Queensland for the celebrations.  Thank you Geoff and Sharon for showing your care and travelling all the way for so few days. 
Tim, Kym, Jake, Beau and Marli pose for a family photograph
Mel(Jake's girlfriend), Kym, Tim, Beau, Josh, Ellkie, Marli and Jake prior to the cutting of the cake.  Brenton and Daniel absent from the photo.
Now the Bramich's line up Sally, Me, Tim and Russell
Time for the sparklers - the cutting of the cake, speeches etc. A little tear was shed as Jake made his speech -
As the eldest sister and speaking on behalf of Russell and Sally we were honoured to join Tim in the celebration of 50 years - where adventures were had, dreams were realised and above all 3 beautiful children entered this world and are able to call him "My Dad".