Sunday, May 30, 2010


OMG How game am I -

I am ready to go for breakfast with my Mummy and Daddy at Salamanca Place.

mmmmm Nanny Margaret's birthday was good - I just loved the roast and gravy that Poppy made.

Cousin Harrison and I comparing our Belly Buttons. We enjoy one anothers company, and Harry likes to read my books too.
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I am sooooooooo game - climb onto anything!

I am ready to go to Salamanca for Breakfast with Mummy and Daddy

I enjoyed my Nanny Margaret's birthday - especially the gravy.

Harrison my cousin and I are comparing our Belly Buttons !!!
We enjoy each others company

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OMG here we are having a laugh at the expense of the "waiter" at the Hot House on Bruny Island. The waiter ran - all day - waited a considerable time for our meal - but he did take our order and bring us water! He certainly kept us entertained while we W A I T E D!!

Two photos from Salmon Ponds.

What a name for a Motor Home - bet they dont know where they are going or which way !
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2 X 60 YEARS

Russell and Jenny arrived in Tasmania in time to celebrate Tim's 50th - but whilst here Russell turned the big 60 on March 17th, so it was an opportunity when they came to Hobart to celebrate his day with 2 couples from their Motor Home Travels along with my family.

Jenny celebrates her birthday on the 22nd June and will travel to Cannon Valley to celebrate with Jayne. - they left the state in late April after 3 months.
Kristy, Cam, Luke and Jackie on the night of the dinner 27th March.

Jenny resting at the Salmon Ponds

Here they are pictured in the Motor Home.

Many laughs were had in the time they were here in Hobart - they first came the week after Tims birthday and we surprized a friend at his Pizza Shop on the Friday night - then up early next morning and a trip to Bruny Island. One of my favourite places, and was please to introduce the spot to Jenny and Russell as they had never been there before. Sunday it was up and at it again and a trip to New Norfolk.

When they came in March it was the end of the week and I was unfortunately working, but we still were able to go out for a meal on Friday before the birthday celebrations on the Saturday - then the farewells as they travelled up to the East Coast and back to Sheffield.
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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Richard, Simone and I taken while I was in Melbourne. A happy snap if I say so myself.
Resting after the Barbie, Rich, Simone, Ian and Tosh.
Craig and Julie taken at Julie's Thornbury Unit.

Well now for my news since I arrived home - Good Friday in fact I bought myself a new house !!!. Yes I know you have all heard me say "They will carry me out in a box from Bimbadeen", but I didnt account for the economy - and my Super was disappearing before my eyes and I was aware I would not be able to realise the final dream at Bimbadeen - so with a heavy heart I started to look at properties in the suburbs that would see me live debt free for the rest of my days. My requirements were the usual - smaller house/unit preferably with a view and internal access from a garage! I spent a few weeks looking around - looked at one in Bellerive - Unit on internal block down a long drive way - NO VIEW - unit was beautiful - by the time I came to terms with living without view it was sold. Next a Unit on a block with another one in West Moonah. With some cosmetic work it would have been good - beautiful view, garage but not internal and extra one bedroom flat underneath. Agent would not let me sign subject to sale of mine - so once again it slipped away. All meant to be - it seems. One Sunday evening looking at and came across this excellent property - in Berriedale - just over 10 squares - brand new renovation top to bottom- inside and outside. I could not believe and within my price range. I sent Cameron an email on Sunday - and got a reply back VERY VERY GOOD - GET YOURS ON THE MARKET. Rang the agent next day and arrangements made for me to visit on the Wednesday - I was in love! more or less told them on spot will owners take subject to sale of my house and 60 day settlement- and David agent said yes I think they will. I asked if I could have another inspection on the Thursday so family could go and make sure I didnt have the rose coloured glasses on. Unfortunately Luke had to work and was unable to attend but the rest did and all felt the same as me. The agent said he would call around on Good Friday - a contract was signed and now I am awaiting the 16th July - the day of settlement. My new home has a water view looking out towards Morilla and Otago Bay - but no garage - I am destined not to have one !
I think I will be very happy there - it will be wonderful for the grandchildren to go running around the back yard and plenty of places they can play hide and seek.

. Went past last Sunday and was pleased to see the SOLD sticker.
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My apologies to all those friends and family that follow my blog - the last few months have b een somewhat busy for me and therefore Brownies Blog has gone by the way side. BUT HERE I AM NOW with all the news.

Firstly back one Friday night in February I got a call from Richard and Simone, asking me if I was busy on the 12th  of March.  I replied I didnt have anything on, so he said well you have to be in Melbourne by 5.30 on the 12th, when do you want to come home.   I asked what am I coming to - Engagement, Wedding or Baby and was told non of above mentioned.  So what do I need to bring to wear, and was told neat casual clothes - as for anything else the lips were closed!   It was a big secret - well the day duly arrived and I headed to the plane.  Simone met me, and soon after walked up the street at Ascot Vale for lunch.  On the way Simone casually said - there is one thing I will tell you about tonight - you are going to a Cocktail Party - OMG Rich had told me it was a casual affair - panic what did I have to wear.

Rich arrived at 5.00 to drive me to town - all silent till we arrived at Hiscence Arena and I said my god look at all the people - he said well that is where you will be lining up to - still no mention of what I was going to - but did hand me some tickets.   TO MY DELIGHT he had bought me a ticket to Cocktail Party and Show - Jamie Oliver Live.  Oh what a night!  It was excellent - and I am so glad they kept it as a surprise - it was just such a wonderful night.  I got talking to the people in line in front of me and behind and we all joined together at Cocktail Party- and unfortunately had to say our goodbyes when we went to the show.  I was about five rows from the front - had a prime seat -   6000 people attended the evening, and he was such an entertainer - he played the drums, talked a mile a minute, 9 piece band - there was non stop activity. Jamie never stopped moving across the stage -

Was very sad moment when the show finished and I walked out into the carpark to find Richard and Simone.  I will never be able to thank them enough for such a wonderful present.

I stayed in Melbourne till Wednesday, and Simone being on holiday took me to all my favourite shopping centres. I was able to catch up with Sally, Craig, Julie, Vickie and Gerald, Lois and David, Nat and Ed and their children also while I was there.

It seems i cannot link the rest of the photos so will publish and attach photos to the next blog! - help Tina!7