Saturday, May 29, 2010


My apologies to all those friends and family that follow my blog - the last few months have b een somewhat busy for me and therefore Brownies Blog has gone by the way side. BUT HERE I AM NOW with all the news.

Firstly back one Friday night in February I got a call from Richard and Simone, asking me if I was busy on the 12th  of March.  I replied I didnt have anything on, so he said well you have to be in Melbourne by 5.30 on the 12th, when do you want to come home.   I asked what am I coming to - Engagement, Wedding or Baby and was told non of above mentioned.  So what do I need to bring to wear, and was told neat casual clothes - as for anything else the lips were closed!   It was a big secret - well the day duly arrived and I headed to the plane.  Simone met me, and soon after walked up the street at Ascot Vale for lunch.  On the way Simone casually said - there is one thing I will tell you about tonight - you are going to a Cocktail Party - OMG Rich had told me it was a casual affair - panic what did I have to wear.

Rich arrived at 5.00 to drive me to town - all silent till we arrived at Hiscence Arena and I said my god look at all the people - he said well that is where you will be lining up to - still no mention of what I was going to - but did hand me some tickets.   TO MY DELIGHT he had bought me a ticket to Cocktail Party and Show - Jamie Oliver Live.  Oh what a night!  It was excellent - and I am so glad they kept it as a surprise - it was just such a wonderful night.  I got talking to the people in line in front of me and behind and we all joined together at Cocktail Party- and unfortunately had to say our goodbyes when we went to the show.  I was about five rows from the front - had a prime seat -   6000 people attended the evening, and he was such an entertainer - he played the drums, talked a mile a minute, 9 piece band - there was non stop activity. Jamie never stopped moving across the stage -

Was very sad moment when the show finished and I walked out into the carpark to find Richard and Simone.  I will never be able to thank them enough for such a wonderful present.

I stayed in Melbourne till Wednesday, and Simone being on holiday took me to all my favourite shopping centres. I was able to catch up with Sally, Craig, Julie, Vickie and Gerald, Lois and David, Nat and Ed and their children also while I was there.

It seems i cannot link the rest of the photos so will publish and attach photos to the next blog! - help Tina!7

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