Saturday, October 1, 2011

Omg it's all ended I don't want to unpack cause it really will be over!

Well hardly Chardonnay Drive the satellite got that wrong- Kallay Court, Berriedale.
Where do I start quess my last blog was from Friday in Melbourne.
As promised at the end of this one I will put a couple of Singapore to Melbourne photos.

At 10 on Friday morning Lois (Simone mother) called and took us far into Melbourne then we caught the tram to City. Our first stop was the venue for Sim and Rich wedding. I cannot tell you the emotions it bought to me it is breathtaking blows you away. We met the Manager and had a coffee before walking to the crown casino. Please do not ask how I felt! Buffered with capital BBBBB. But arrived at Number Eight and met my sister Sally who joined us for the day.

As part of the menu was a saying by Luciano Pavarotti -my sentiments exactly

"One of the very nicest things about life is the
Way we must regularly stop whatever it is we
Are doing and devote our attention to eating"

What a fabulous lunch with some very special people in my life. A quick tour thru the casino and a taxi (thank god) back to town. First stop Dress shopping. What a success only tried 3 dresses and found one I really loved. With the help of a Nancy Gant it made me feel like Twiggy - So pleased and with all assessories purchased we were able to look around shops and appreciate being in Melbourne where we know where everything is. Simone and I caught the tram home.

Next morning we left home just before lunch to go pick up Craig and Julie and go for a lunch near Julie home. Ended up in northcote and appreciated meeting and joining in a meal with them. Later Sally visited and stayed and had a meal with us.

Sunday Simone,Rich and I went to Sweetbeat for lunch before rich left for work function at Mornington Peninsula and Sim and I went home to get ready to go out later in day.

Late in the afternoon Sim and headed for Caulfield where Vickie and Gerald had invited us for Drinks and Nibbles. Dana and John joined us and we spent a very pleasant evening chatting, eating and just plain catching up and enjoying good food and drink. Back to Ascot Vale.

Simone had a big day next day so I spent day juggling luggage from one case to next trying to meet my 20kl target. I got close 20.2kl. With that organized I set about walking to Puckle Street, Monee Ponds. Had lunch and decided on a hairdresser for the wedding made the appointment and looked for a taxi to take me home- no luck so started to walk when tram came and hopped on.

Rich took me to plane and Luke met me and bought me home.


Thanks again to my wonderful traveling companions for their company and all the memories we share.

Views taken from York Hotel, Singapore

Our luggage!

The group at Lunch.

My Main course at Number Eight.

Lunch at the hotel with Julie and Craig.

TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO READ MY BLOG THANK YOU, AND AFTER SEVERAL COMMENTS SINCE I GOT HOME -No I wasn't Drunk the iPad has predictive text and has a mind of it's own sometimes and most nights I would be writing awhile rest where sleeping I often pressed the save and publish button before I re read and therefore spelling was at time BBBBB ad , and realized when too late.

Love you all.

Location:Chardonnay Dr,Berriedale,Australia