Sunday, May 10, 2009


Cameron, Kristy and Emily called at Bimbadeen Court to take me to join the Anderson's at Mt Nelson.

Emily having a cuddle from my Nanny Margaret when I arrived - and yes I like my thumb.

I love all the attention I am getting today from everyone. What a lucky girl I am. As usual I was given a warm welcome by Marg and Peter. As the norm Pete was there with the apron, the tongs and the glass of Champs to hand out as we walked in the door.

With one eye on his barbeque and the other on the vegies in the oven and the women banned from the kitchen, except for the occasional call "Mum" as he asked for the expert advice from his dear Mum Bub.

Bub was down from Swansea staying with her town children.

Harrison kept us entertained as he buzzed around on his trusty scooter.

The table looked beautiful with all the ladies receiving from the mystery fairy a lovely pair of woolly socks and a gerbera - with Orange and Yellow being the colour theme.

DADDY turned 37 today so he had a cake made by Mummy. Emily loved the sparklers
Not sure if I wanted to sing just yet !
Auntie Shelby arrived after she finished work - and I am sure will always protect me.Nanny gave me a cuddle or two as well - in fact I got lots of cuddles from my other Nanny Marg and Nanny Bub . Whose a lucky little girl

Bub with her daughter Debbie, Husband David, Harrison and Megan at the Dinner table.

The Brown family - Mum and Dad and Emily on her Dads Birthday and my Mums big Day. I gave Daddy some Story Books for him to read to me - and Guess what I gave Mummy some Story books to read to me as well. Neither Mummy or Daddy knew I was going to get all those books - but I do love to have them read to me. I just love the pictures - just like I like the TV, even the football . (In case you are wondering I am going to be a Western Bulldogs Girl) . Like my Daddy and my Poppy Craig.

Emily and her special Mummy. Mummy enjoyed her first Mothers Day being spoilt by Emily and Daddy . Lets say she was sparkling in the Mt Nelson sun.!

Pete's Mum Bub enjoyed Emily's company.

Richard and Simone called from Melbourne to offer their wishes to both Cam and I, and hopefully we can catch up soon.

To all my special family thank you for making it a special day - for Jackie and Luke for Breakfast and to Cameron, Kristy ,Marg and Pete for letting me join them in once again a very memorable day.


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  1. Great photos Jeanette. Looks like you had a fabulous mother's day. Love the table arrangement, great idea. Looks like Kristy had a great first mothers day aswell, even if she did have to share it with Cam, funny about the books ;)