Monday, September 19, 2011

Cely en Biere, Barbizon, Fontaine Bleau

Breakfast was the order of the day for Wendy and I as Jacques had gone to a golf - he is the President of the local club, and Beattie was having a well deserved sleep in.

After breakfast Wendy took me all over the wonderful property and I tried to capture on film the magic of the home and the surroundings.

Just after ten we left to visit nearby village of Barbizon where we found a fair stalls car boot type sale. I was able to purchase two treasures to bring home to Tasmania. When Wendy told the lady in French I was taking them back to Australia she excitedly told the next stall holders, my things are going to Australia. I had made her day.

We then went to the Sunday Market in Fontaine Bleau - what a beautiful market, fish, meat, flowers, cakes, clothes, jewelry you name it excellent quality items. I purchased 20 euro of pastries to take back to a Paul, Joan, Elizabeth and Shirley. I had such a wonderful time and felt I wanted to take back just a little something.

We left the market and visited the a Chateau Fontaine Bleau -again such a wonderful place steeped in history. I will include some photos as hopefully tell the story.

We arrived home to enjoy a luck together before Wendy drove me back to Paris. Thank you Masi family for putting the icing on the cake of what has been a marvelous trip. MY TRIP OF A LIFETIME.

I know why Wendy has chosen Cely en Biere as her home it is such s special place in this world.

I got back around 6 and waited till the gang arrive home, and shared my journey to the Masi home and then Shirley and I left shortly after 7 for a quick bite to eat before our early rise in the morning to the airport and our leg Paris to Singapore. We have a 12 hour flight and stop over for 24hours before the 8 hour leg to Melbourne.

In saying this there may not be a blog for a couple of days.

The home




The street market

The local shops

The food market in Fontaine Bleau

The church where we lit candles, for Mum, Auntie Meg and Auntie Thea

The Chatea

The family shots

The Golf Club.

Location:Boulevard de Denain,Paris,France

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