Friday, September 23, 2011

Singapore to Melbourne

After a hectic days shopping in Singapore and over our jet lag from Paris to Singapore leg we were ready to tackle the last leg. The 3 girls had been up early and left hotel by 9 ready to purchase goods we had hesitated on previous day and double up on things felt to be bargains. We had previously packed the cases and moved them to Paul and Joans were we had paid extra for 6pm checkout.

So with parcels in hand back to 13th floor to sit out time for cab to arrive at 6. Again and over enthusiastic driver of Mercedes arrived. I am sure as part of driving licence they are taught to be tour guides. He chose to take us a different route to the airport than the other 3 trips we had had to and fro from Airport and proved to be very interesting. He started off each feature with Ladies and gentleman on the left is, or on the right is so we could give him our full attention as he pointed out hospitals, landing on roads, famous hotels, where he lived etc so by the time we did get to the airport his commentary was getting a little thin and we bs him and our 45sg farewell and headed for the checking before having some dinner, and the Duty Free shopping.

Plane left 9 Singapore time and immediately we had to put clocks on 2hrs to 11pm.
Once again routine hot towels, drinks, snacks and at 1.00am a full blown 3 course dinner, more snacks, then at 4.00 am breakfast before landing at 6.02 am.

I have a new passport which means I can self check through customs which was quick but I had declared a couple of items and then had to go thru quarantine.
Lucky for me and a couple of little girls and 3 big boys I was able to keep items.

Our group gathered for one last coffee before bidding each other fond farewell, I am sure today I will wonder where they are as we have been such good mates and constant compAnions over last month and will be very hard for the appendage to be suddenly gone.

Simone met me at airport and I introduced her to my 3rd case!! To her horror. It was home and not long before the jet lag kicked in and as sim was to do a quick leg to Launceston I crashed on the couch with blanket and pillow and didn't wake till after 6 in time for Richard to arrive home and cook me dinner.

I am up and at it today and ready for a beautiful day arranged by Simone and family and it is DRESS DAY today with 57 days till the wedding.

Still problems loading photos but hope to solve today. Keep looking.

Thanks again Paul, Joan, Elizabeth, Shirley for an amazing experience! I will be eternally grateful for your company, memories, laughs etc.

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