Saturday, September 17, 2011

London to Paris on Euro rail

Well what a day one we won't forget. Packed our cases then popped out for a light breakfast before our taxi ride to Saint Pancres for our trip to Paris. Poor taxi driver squeezed all our luggage into 5 seated cab plus all of us!

Arrived early to catch 12.40 to Paris. Boarded and went through couple of little tunnels before the 20 min one underwater from Devon except for darkness new nothing till we emerged into France countryside. First there was tiny villages but all with church, then to the larger areas. Not as green as England.

Disembarked at 3.50 and walked from platform all the while looking for the owner of our apartment who was to meet us at train. We waited till after 5 whilst surrounded by beggars, suspicious pick pockets, homeless etc -omg dirty as well not the best introduction to Paris.

In desperation we walked across the road and booked into the Mercuri Terminus Nord for the night with the hope that owner will answer our emails otherwise we have lost all our money and so much for our lovely 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartment in 1st District of Paris. As you can imagine we feel very sad about situation but have eaten now in bed and tomorrow is another day.

I am excited because my cousin Wendy is picking me up and taking me to her home in country for the night tomorrow. She has been overseas working and we did think we would miss one and other.

So that is our 1st day in Paris one of disgust and sadness and perhaps being conned by one of the best in the business. We may be wrong - tomorrow will tell the story.

Outside Citadines waiting for taxi

The Euro station

Guess who on the train

First glimpse of France


Out side train station and our hotel.

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Location:Boulevard de Denain,Paris,France

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