Friday, September 16, 2011

Covent Garden, Harrods, Buckingham Palace.

Up and at them early- and whilst walking to catch bus we had to walk along Scotland Yard (opposite our hotel) we came across Police horses being loaded in truck for trip - police were very co operative and aslet me take a couple of photos. We then had short bus ride to Covent Gardens Market, quick coffee and nibble before we explored. Jubilee Market a little disappointing to say the least but shops at Covent Garden good. Listened to a Opera singer in one section, and in another a wip cracking Australia was seen entertaining the crowds.

Next a taxi ride to Harrods -omg the food hall. In the meat section noticed Australian Beef 195 pounds a kil. Unbelievable place and have lots of photos to show just how good it was. We managed to have a little lunch at Harrods. A whole floor was devoted to a Pet hall Unbelievable amount of beds, couches, toys etc all for the pet. Sorry Toshi, Wilbur, and Ned Nanny hasn't any room in the case!

I left Elizabeth and Shirley and I hired a cab to Buckingham Palace once again it is hard to imagine what the buildings are like - wandered around, then walked to St James Gardens and along to the Abbey.

Caught another taxi back home for the usual gin and tonic, and another nice meal from Paul and Joan before retiring for the night.

Loading in Cornwall to float

Back up vehicle where it seems the police collect Teddies

The Covent Markets

Out the front of Harrods

The Food Hall

Fashion at Harrods


The toilet at Harrods -beautiful 4 different perfumes to use plus a hand cream.

The above two photos I took for Miss Emily at HDNS

Buckingham House and the surrounds.

Location:London,United Kingdom


  1. Oh look at all the sparkly shoes!!! That would be my 30kg baggage allowance gone right there!!

  2. If you don't find an outfit I went to mum's shop today and theres plenty there for you, many many lovely outfits for mother of the groom. All at a great price too Xx

  3. Loving reading what you're up to on your travels. London is high up on places I want to go to and this is just making me want it even more ... one day. Enjoy the rest of the trip (which no doubt you will :) Tina xx