Saturday, July 10, 2010


Congratulations to Richard and Simone on the announcement today of their engagement. We are all thrilled with their news.

Apparently found it a little difficult to drink her take away coffee today - and insisted it was water - she was assured it was coffee and was then told well look and see and found the most beautiful ring.

Cameron, Kristy, Emily, Luke and Jackie are as pleased as I am - our only regret that they didnt announce it while in Tasmania last weekend - cause we could have celebrated with a Champagne.

Needless to say Mum is sitting having aquiet red and thinking of them tonight.

Congratulation I love you both.

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  1. Great news...Congratulations to our Nephew Richard & Simone. I know Jeanette has been waiting patiently soooooooo long for this. All of us are very happy for both of you.
    Love Jenny & Russell xx