Saturday, January 2, 2010

EMILY KATE'S FIRST BIRTHDAY. oops Nanny is late in posting this.

The family came from Lutana and Melbourne to help celebrate Emily Kate Browns 1st Birthday. Please excuse as I have put the two family shots above anything else -we are so proud of her and the joy she has bought to our lives. Nanna called to give Emily her gifts on her birthday 18th December prior to her birthday party the next day. Emily had had no trouble opening the presents, she had plenty of practise earlier when she opened Mummy and Daddy's gifts.Mummy is reading me the nice card Nanny gave me.

oh Nanny you knew I wanted my own handbag
..... and my own set of car keys. I am just learning what sounds the three buttons play.
Daddy has named my doll Nanny gave me "Princess Mary" - wonder if it has something to do with the time they were walking through Battery Point hand in hand and someone mistook Cam and Kristy for Prince Frederick and Princess Mary !!!!

Nanny I love my new sun glasses. I look a real trick.


and my Best friend Bella has turned up to help me celebrate

Daddy is outside with all the men cooking the BBQ for all us Hungry kids, helped by Poppy, Uncle Luke and Auntie Jackie.

What do you think William and Harrison are thinking ab out - is it that they are the only boys and they have all those girls inside....

Nanny taught me how to blow last night - and look how successful I was today - just a puff of smoke and the candle was out.

Mummy is so clever she made me a beautiful cake.

I got so many beautiful presents, but this one was put to good use quickly. Auntie Tina, Uncle Jeremy, William and Ellie gave me this purple and pink job - and yes i was riding it in no time.

Talking of Auntie Tina, I hope she wont mind but Nan has included a couple of beautiful shots that she has on her blogspot that captured the moment of one little girls very

Love you Em. xx

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  1. Great pics, you certainly have had a busy December. xx