Sunday, January 3, 2010


CHRISTMAS EVE WITH THE SCHOTTMEIERS - what better way to start the celebrations with a Austrian tradition of giving and sharing a gift on Christmas Eve and enjoying the spoils of Kay, Toni and Annalee. These girls are talented cooks and each year never fail to surprise us with their culinary delights.
Toni, Kay, Grady, Michael (sorry for the eyes), Annalee and Franz

Toni's beautiful Christmas Tree with the Derwent River as a back drop.

Toni's oasis - where everyone met, prior to the gentle winds blowing Berriedale way.
Cameron, Kristy and Emily hosted Breakfast Xmas Morning.
Emily was very happy opening her presents while Mum and Dad were left to the breakfast. Jackie and Luke's present was a real hit - more noise for me she thought.

Mummy helped me open my presents

Daddy I want your present too!!!
If I stand on your foot can I reach.....

I have just pinched Nanna ears ! now I will have a cuddle.
I was scared when Nanny had them on

My Mummy looks beautiful with the ears.
Note the Tim Tam box in the background.
Mummy just won one years supply of Tim Tams in a competition.
I think I like Tim Tams Mummy.
Yummy chocolate.

Uncle Luke is eating a candy cane - I am sitting on Auntie Jackie's knee trying to work how you eat these damn things- I think I have been trying to eat the wrong end.

oooooooooooh its nice!

Jackie and Luke joined me for the tradition lunch before they left to join Jackies family for Dinner. This year some of their relatives have travelled from Holland to celebrate with the family. An exciting time for the De Schippers.

Guess who came for Dinner and just loooooooooooved Nannys Raspberries

Nanny and Poppy Anderson joined Mummy and Daddy at Nans for Dinner

While the big people had wine I had to be happy with water.

Whilst I did not have the company of Richard and Simone this year I still had a very nice Christmas enjoying lots of good food, and the company of the rest of my family.
As always Christmas brings a time to reflect on the many good friends and family and a time for catching up and sharing Cards and news .
One of my boys said Mum you wont have to send cards this year - you have told all your news over the year on the blog. !! cheeky chap.

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