Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Big news from Doyle Avenue - at approx. 6.19p.m.

The SMS I received at work read:-

"Hi all. Emily just rolled over from back to tummy three times. So no fluke !. How exciting. Love Cameron and Kristy.

As you can imagine I am thrilled - and how wonderful that she waited till Cam came home from work as well
These shots I am including are the work of Tania Busch Easter Weekend.
Cam and Kristy walk Adventure Bay Beach with Emily.

Emily very intent as Mummy reads her a story. Kristy has been reading to Emily and as you can tell by the photo she takes a keen interest in books.

What an Angel she looks in this photo.

Somewhat startled in this shot.

The idea of my blog is to share with you all those special moments throughout Emily's life as well as my own children and their loved ones.
Here I too share some special moments with Emily at Bruny Island.

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  1. Jeanette your site looks great, what a fabulous job you have done. Oh and our litttle Emily just looks beautiful. I received the photo's they are excellent. I'm just back form NZ, it was good but I was busy working.

    Miss you all

    Simone xoxoxo